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Departure and Arrival for the 2019 ZRA Conference

August 08, 2019

Please email your departure and arrival schedule for the 2019 ZRA Annual Conference directly to me at imenard@zoodegranby.com, at your earliest convenience. The below information will be compiled and posted on the ZRA website’s Annual Conference Update page each Friday through the start of the Annual Conference. This will help us ensure that everyone is accounted for, assist the shuttle service in planning, and help attendees looking for a familiar face upon arrival.

• Arrival date

• Airline/Flight #

• Time of arrival

• Method of transport to Château-Bromont

• Departure date

• Airline/Flight#

• Method of transport to Airport

If you have further questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact me.



Isabelle Menard

2019 ZRA Annual Conference Host